Above The Truth
Well, friends here and now is when (WE) as a people take back the reigns of those who say and feed (US) their version of the truth. When we as a people are lied to more then what we can stand. Then it is that time for us to find out and go above the truth to get to the truth to know what truth really is.
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» Americans shocked their govt owns patent on Ebola

Shame on us USA

(Source: politicsandwhatnots, via newstome1)

» The REAL Reason Flight 370 Disappeared?

Must see video a out flight 370…

Attack from up above! Start paying attention to the sky more.
Who’s skipping rocks in the sky??  HAARP! NY,NJ
Chemtrials….  start to look up people ..! Since. When was it normal to have a wave pattern in the sky…..answer: HAARP & chemtrails working together …
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